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Niste date despre Miley Cyrus

Yesterday we told you that Miley wanted to kill Justin Bieber because he prank called her early in the morning.

Check it out here!

Miley Cyrus is a North American actress, singer, and composer. She was born in Tennessee in 1992. Miley Cyrus parents originally named her Destiny Hope because they wanted her to do great things. She became internationally famous for her role as Miley / Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel series called Hannah Montana. In 2008 Miley Cyrus was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Miley has a lot of power behind her voice.

Her new look and new album are on display as Miley plays concerts in Portugal and Spain for the festival Rock in Rio.

Check out this amazing video of Miley singing her heart out with cute Spanish singer David Bisbal! He sings in Spanish while she sings in English, making for a powerful duet.

But what about her outfit? A bit short? Or just right for a rock concert?

Jusitn Bieber, with his angel face, looks like he would never do anything to hurt somebody else...

Miley Cyrus ‘Wanted To Kill’ Justin Bieber after he made a series of late night prank calls to her cell phone, said MTV.UK.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show (UK tv show), Miley claimed that Justin Bieber called her through the night.

“I was yelling because I thought it was someone that got my number. So I changed my number and he kept pranking me,” she said.

“I really did believe it was a kid or something so I was like, ‘I can’t really yell ’cause I think it’s a kid but I’m not really sure.’”

“Finally, I was like (shouting), ‘It’s three o’clock in the morning!’ He was like, ‘Ha ha ha ha, it’s Bieber. Call me back.’” explained Miley.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to hurt this kid.’ My little sister loves him, but I’m going to kill him.”

Can you believe it! It''s funny and it's not, at the same time!

Some people say that Miley Cyrus has age-inappropriate conduct and bad fashion, but isn't she a lot like is Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen?

Taylor sings in the band The Pretty Reckless in addition to starring on Gossip Girl. She is a year younger than Miley but they are treated very differently.

So what is the difference? Taylor could not care less what anyone thinks, and has embraced having a bad girl persona on Gossip Girl. And Miley? It looks like she has more of the 'good girl gone bad' image.'

Why do you think Miley is getting so much fla

Miley continues to get criticism for her new look and new song, Can't Be Tamed.

We have only heard a couple songs off her new album, but from what we have heard so far, it is controversial.

Miley Cyrus describes her upcoming album like this to Billboard:

"I listen to zero pop music, which is really weird for someone who makes pop music. My 13-year-old self would have beaten up my 17-year-old self because she would be like, 'You're a sellout!' But that's not what it is.

"It's not dance music that's just about, 'Ooh, I'm in the club and everyone's looking at me.' It means something. I'm not just sitting here trying to sell glitz and glamour... because no one lives that life. A lot of [pop] songs are super shallow, but this music isn't."

We can't be sure if the new album is shallow or not, because we haven't hear it all. We will have to wait and see!

Spectacular. That is the only word that can describe Miley's recent performance in Lisbon, Portugal.

Miley put on a great show for lucky fans who saw her at Rock in Rio. Those at the show got to see her sing 3 of the new songs off her album.

Miley also danced her heart out and was wearing some very flashy numbers much like those seen in her videoclip "Can´t Be Tamed".

Miley also said that the song Full Circle is about two people who are in a relationship and those who try to split them up. Who do you think the song was about? Yep, you guessed it, Miley and Nick Jonas.

Here are some photos from the show, (she looks a bit like Lady Gaga, don't you think?) and also the link to her video.

It looks like Miley is not too interested in hitting the books any time soon. She should be looking in to college but doesn’t seem to be interested.

"My sister went to MTSU in Nashville, so I'd probably want to be there with all my friends, but I'm not gonna go to college right now," Miley said. "I am a firm believer that you can go back at any age you want, because my grandma went back to college at 62 years old."

Miley also said that she feels like no one wants to let her be the teen she is.

"No one ever wants to see someone grow up," she complained. "It's like when Hilary Duff started growing up off the Disney Channel. Everyone thought she was anorexic and she did this and that. It's just because she grew up! She didn't look like a 12-year-old anymore."

Miley also spoke about her new controversial video, Can’t Be Tamed.

"My song is clearly about breaking free and being out of a cage and being able to be truly who you are," Cyrus said. "If you see Hannah Montana through that, or are mad because you don't, turn on Disney Channel. That's where my show is. My show is still on the air. I'm not done doing Hannah Montana...your true fans are gonna love the artist when they express themselves."

Miley's newest song, Can't Be Tamed has caused quite a stir.

While some of her fans can't stand the change, others can't wait to see her perform her new song with her new look live. Here she is in this recent video clip, giving it her all on Dancing With the Stars.

Whether you like Miley's new look or not, it is clear that she is a great musician. Her performances are full of rhythm and passion!
miley-cyrus; Miley Cyrus is a North American actress, singer, and composer. She was born in Tennessee in 1992. Mi

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tensinica 15 martie 2011  
ceeeeeeee?macar stii ce inseamna tot ce am scris...este de rau de ea /:)
ana 2 ianuarie 2011  
miley iesti fuoarte frumoasa talentata iesti grozava an filmul cu hana montana spunei lui lili ca ie grozava si ia
tensinica 12 iunie 2010  
Mi-ar placea stiulul original a lui Miley Cyrus!
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